<燃え上がる東京オリンピックの予算、どこまで?> 当初およそ3000億円と言われていた予算は、計画が進むにつれ上がり続け、今では2兆円を越えると言われています。 大会招致のプレゼンで掲げていた「コンパクト五輪(半径8キロ圏内にほぼすべての会場を集約させてコストを削減する計画)」は実現しません。 現時点での予算2兆円を日本国民全員で割り勘すると、ひとりあたり1万5,748円です。


<Tokyo 2020 and the ever-growing budget>

The initial 300 billion yen budget that was predicted for total expenses has increased to two trillion yen. Their initial plan of a “compact Olympics” where all stadiums and venues would be located within an 8km radius is unlikely to happen as well. If we split the current total of two trillion yen equally by the national population, each person would have to pay 15,748 yen.

(Translated by Yuhri Ishizaki)