Have you ever heard of the Eugenic Protection Act? It was a law that stole handicapped people’s right to reproduce. From a eugenics point of view, this law aimed to prevent the birth of any unhealthy offspring by recommending that handicapped people undergo a surgical procedure so they may not bear children (surgery to make reproduction impossible = eugenic sterilization). People suffering from hereditary diseases, leprosy, and non-hereditary mental illnesses and handicaps became targets of eugenic sterilization. Horrifyingly, procedures such as hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) came to be carried out without the person’s consent. This law was revised into the Maternal Health Act in 1996, thus ending eugenic sterilization. Between 1949 and 1996, there were at least 16, 500 cases where eugenic sterilization was carried out without consent. It is believed that women represent 68% of these cases. It seems hard to believe that until a mere 20 years ago our society was forcefully depriving handicapped people’s right to reproduce. #Socialissues #Charitsumo #Socialissuesinnumbers *We aim to raise awareness of various social issues at Charitsumo. Don't forget to click follow! *Apply to be a volunteer writer! (Translated by Brandon)
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