しかし、正確な数はわかっていないのが現状です。 やっかいなことに、デブリ同士がぶつかって、より小さなデブリに分裂して無限に増え続けているのです。(「ケスラーシンドローム」と言います)

There are more than 18,000 pieces of space debris in Earth’s orbit.

There is a lot of space debris orbiting around the planet where we live, and its amount is continuously increasing every day.
Space debris is a large amount of garbage in space created by space development mainly by the USA, Russia, and China. It is also called “space waste”.

The space debris travelling in Earth’s orbit is twenty times faster than a bullet, at the speed of 7 km per second, and it has tremendous destructive power. It is said that even a 10 cm piece of space debris can destroy a satellite. Also, space debris has a troublesome problem. Pieces of space debris often collide with each other, and this results in generating more tiny space waste. This is called the “Kessler syndrome”.

We have no way to solve the problem of space debris as of yet.